Free Paper Craft Exercise

I know a lot of of you are at home spending A LOT more time than usual with your kids. Now that summer is here, and classes are over, there is a way too much free time.

I’ve been teaching online art classes and we discovered a great set of characters and a fun paper craft we can create with them.

Shaun [me] and 3D printed Mango Panda

Ever since I was a child I have been designing my own characters and have been fascinated with the idea of seeing them as toys in the real world. In art school I sculpted them into figurines, and when teaching home school workshops at Techno Chaos I even 3D modeled and 3D printed what came to be known as Mango Panda!

Well this paper craft will allow you and your child to do the same.

I’m including a downloadable and printable image here which you can use to make your own little Minecraft-shaped character, or you can just cut out and fold the one we designed using our favorite character, Monkey.

For detailed instructions on how to assemble the craft simply watch this video. Be sure to use thicker paper if you have it!

Monkey Paper Craft!
Design your own character on this blank template!

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