My Commercial I did back in College

I graduated a while back but while I was taking my first motion graphics class I undertook this project. First I came up with a concept. My friend sleeping on my couch at the time worked at Friar Tux and used to hook us up with free t-shirts. The inspiration was to do everything in suits. Then I grabbed a camera from the school video cage, found some buddies in the hallways and classroom, and shot all the footage by nightfall. I didn’t know anything about filmaking at the time so I just threw the camera at my roomate who happened to be a video production major. Rico did a good job and most of the footage was usable. My buddies are Demaurie and Brandon. They came up with a lot of the ideas. I peticuliarly liked the idea of going to the sauna in suits, but unfortunately the room was too small to get a good camera angle. It’s not easy to shoot a video all in one night, but find a fun energetic group and friends and impossible things suddenly become possible. Enjoy.


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